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Sample Case Descriptions

A registered nurse injured in a motor vehicle collision who has returned to work on a part-time basis because her injuries preclude her from performing her RN duties on a full-time basis was referred for an earning capacity evaluation.

A 22 year-old woman in a persistent vegetative state being cared for by her parents in the home needed a life care plan to cost and recommend attendant care and other medical services.

A 68 year-old man injured in a motor vehicle collision was referred for a cost projection report to estimate costs for future surgeries needed as a result of his orthopedic injuries.

A four year-old boy who fell from a second story landing, sustaining a traumatic brain injury and total deafness, was referred for a life care plan for cochlear implants, rehabilitation planning, and earning capacity evaluation.

A plaintiff life care plan was sent for review to determine the accuracy of costs and if proper methodology was followed.

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